Structural regulation of EAFA

The management, observation and control of the fishery, aquacultures and trade with fish and other aquatic organisms shall be carried out by the Executive Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture (EAFA) at the Minister of Agriculture and Foods.

The Executive Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture is a legal entity at budget maintenance with headquarters in Burgas and territorial units. The activity and the structure of EAFA shall be determined by a structural regulation, approved by the Council of Ministers.

The main activities of the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquacultures are:
· Applying the CFP;
· Control of fisheries, aquacultures and first sale of fishery products;
· Granting fishing licenses and authorizations;
· Registration of aquaculture farms;
· Registration of first sale auctions and registered buyers;
· Validation and verification of catch certificates at import/export of fishery products;
· Allocation of quotas for fish and other aquatic species;
· Conservation of fish stocks and control for respecting the rules for fisheries;
· Granting rights for utilization of fish resources – state property;
· Representation of Bulgaria in international organizations.