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Here you will find information about how you can contact us if you want to help each other and to correct the perceived by you public officials’ acts and omissions concerning the job assigned to and performed by them in the process of , the job assigned and performed by them , according to the Rules of the Organization of NAFA , connected with the implementation of national legislation, defining the activities of NAFA and its territorial units. What you need to know, in order to be sure that our control authority will pay attention to your reports about corruption, suggestions and signals about insufficient work of the administration ?I. Corruption – what is it?
Corruption has no legal definition in Bulgarian legislation, there is no single definition that can be used to incorporate the views of all people of what is corruption.The concept of corruption is changing during the years. Things that were not included in the concept of corruption now are included, things that were previously believed to be inaccurate, now are considered as normal and natural.

Various researchers, including various government and over state organizations have tried to give some definition of what is corruption:

– In Great Britain corruption is considered as improper performance of public service for obtaining direct or consequential benefit
– Australian Commission for Combating Corruption states that corruption is a behavior that involves unfair use of power or position, which results in placing someone in a better position than the others

– The behavior of persons who in the most common sense , are not civil servants and who offer the public servant to do something and directly give him money for that
Some of the possible behaviors that are included in the concept of corruption are related to our Criminal Code and include:

– Crimes connected with the duties of the civil servants – a common abuse , ie who do or not do something that he should , when he has personal or non-personal interest

Classical bribery – who received or respectively give money or other material benefit, to do something that is his duty . There are options:

a) this thing that is done may be a responsibility of the civil servant and then it is not always an offence
b) when it is done with purpose offence – when a person is bribed to commit an offence – it is qualified, hard composition completely different

As a working definition when there are problems with someone’s behavior:

– Corruption is improper usage of public or official resources in order to derive benefit – direct or consequential
– Corruption is also the behavior of those who incite the civil servants to carry out this activity
Forms of behavior close up to the corruption:
– A process that is going on – administrative process of getting something – license, permit, registration, etc.
– A tight place in the administrative procedure – a man who has some monopoly in the authority and lack of opportunities for circumvention of that monopoly.

Possible areas that contain increased corruption risk:
– Where licenses, permits are given
– Where money are distributed
– Procurement – all over the word they are most risky the world are at risk as a factor for corrupting this part of the government, that is closely connected with the procedures for procurement implementation
– Where can be solved issues connected with the position : appointment of friends, acquaintances, relatives – a clan basis.

– Corruption may appear wherever there is a monopoly upon public resources

II. Conflict of interests in the state administration- what is it?
The main characteristic of the conflict of interest in the field of public administration is that it represents the intersection between public interest and private interest.
The requirement towards civil servants for impartiality, objectivity and impartiality during the performance of their duties and their personal behavior to achieve private goals and realization of private interest when due to his official position may affect a particular management solution is the intersection between the public interest and private interests, ie there is a situation of conflict of interest.
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